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Punta Laguna is one of the 11 mayan communities surrounding the protected area of Otoch Ma´ax Yetel Kooh,which means: “Home of the Monkey and the Puma”

In 20003 a group of inhabitants from this community created Najil Tucha Cooperative to provide tourism services to both national and international visitors with the purpose of awakening awarness through their participation in conservation activities.

The importance of the Biodiversity of this site, was promoted by a series of studies both ecologicl nd social. Some of them include the behavier and ecology of the spider monkey and the regeneration of the jungle’s vegetation.


  • Register and pay emtering fee.

  • Groups not larger than 8 persons.

  • Please follow your guide’s advice for they know the jungle very well.

  • Do not feed the monkey for the jungle provides them with food.

  • Try to generate as little garbage as possible.

  • Use repellents and sunblocks that are biodegratable.


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