The Spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi), is the most representive and charasmatic mammal of the area. It is possible to observe them during walks around the lagoon. It is estimated that there are approximately between 400 and 800 individuals. I a lesser quantity there are also Howler monkeys (Aloutta pigra). It is important to make note that although spider monkeys are easly spotted and are not perturbed by human presence, these are living in their natural environment and there exist several other patches of vegetation to where they move to in serch of food.


  • Register and pay emtering fee.

  • Groups not larger than 8 persons.

  • Please follow your guide’s advice for they know the jungle very well.

  • Do not feed the monkey for the jungle provides them with food.

  • Try to generate as little garbage as possible.

  • Use repellents and sunblocks that are biodegratable.



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